Amusing and Fascinating Facts about Chemistry

Chemistry is a mesmerizing discipline with endless of uncommon trivia! So here’s a list of some amusing and fascinating chemistry evidence for you.


  • Bromine and Mercury can turn into a liquid state at room temperature. They’re the only elements which carry this characteristic. Nevertheless, Gallium can be melt if you hold a lump in the warmth of one’s hand.
  • If there is any substance that can only expand as it freezes, that’s water. Water is just about 9% less volume than when it freezes into an ice cube.
  • A full glass of water level usually goes down when you pour a handful of salt into it.
  • The average adult human body had about 0.5 pounds or 250 grams of NCI (salt).
  • Unalloyed elements can have various forms such as a pure carbon that can form either or both diamond and graphite.
  • Dihydrogen Monoxide is the chemical name for water, H2O.
  • “J” is the only letter you can’t find on the periodic table of elements.
  • Atmosphere’s ozone layer gets strengthened when lightning strikes and produce O3, or Ozone.
  • Gold and copper are the only non-silvery metals available.
  • Oxygen gas is usually colorless but turns blue on its liquid and solid forms.
  • The human body which contains sufficient amount of carbon can provide the needs for Lead of about 9,000 pencils.
  • The most abundant element in the earth’s atmosphere, crust and water bodies is no other than Oxygen, abo0ut 49.50%. However, in our universe, it’s Hydrogen which is the most abundant.
  • Perhaps, Astatine is the scarcest natural element in the earth’s layer. Around 28 grams of it makes up the entire crust.
  • Hydrofluoric acid is a “weak acid” but is corrosive that can dissolve a glass.
  • A vessel full of H20 (water) comprises of more atoms than the volume of water contained by the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Amazon rainforest produces about 20% of oxygen in our atmosphere.

amazon rainforest

  • Helium is lighter than air that makes helium balloons float smoothly.
  • Bee stings are proven acidic whereas wasp stings are certainly alkaline.
  • A molecule called Capsaicin is the source of heat for hot peppers.
  • The solid form of carbon dioxide, CO2, is called Dry ice.
  • The liquid air had a bluish tint as resembling water.